Peer Leadership Academy opens for applications

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NHS England’s Personal Health Budget Team and the Integrated Personal Commissioning Programme are currently welcoming applications from patients, carers and families to join their Peer Leadership Academy for 2016/17.

Run in conjunction with Peoplehub, the academy will provide an opportunity for people who have experience of social care personal budgets, personal health budgets, or joint funded personal budgets, either as a direct recipient or as someone who has significant involvement in managing a personal budget on another’s behalf, to become more closely involved in the national programmes.

NHS England’s business plan for 2016/17 recognises that “harnessing the energy of patients and public remains a huge untapped resource.”

Across the organisation, a number of initiatives are underway to ensure services are created in partnership with citizens and communities, making sure that all voices are heard, and the Peer Leadership Academy is one example of putting this commitment into action.

Read the full story on our Personal Health Budget pages.

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