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Combination Low-Salt and Heart-Healthy “Dash” Diet as Effective as Drugs for Some Adults With High Blood Pressure

Reading Time: 1 minutesA study of more than 400 adults with prehypertension, or stage 1 high blood pressure, found that combining a low-salt diet with the heart-healthy DASH diet substantially lowers systolic blood pressure — the top number in a blood pressure test — especially in people with higher

Blueprint to Reduce Wasteful Blood Transfusions

Reading Time: 1 minutesBy analyzing data from randomized clinical trials comparing blood transfusion approaches, Johns Hopkins experts, along with colleagues at Cleveland Clinic and NYU Langone Medical Center, endorse recommendations for blood transfusions that reduce blood use to improve patient safety and outcomes. Publishing this week in JAMA Internal

What’s in Your Wheat? Johns Hopkins Scientists Piece Together Genome of Most Common Bread Wheat

Reading Time: 1 minutesJohns Hopkins scientists report they have successfully used two separate gene technologies to assemble the most complete genome sequence to date of Triticum aestivum, the most common cultivated species of wheat used to make bread.

Johns Hopkins Expert Available to Speak on World’s First Comprehensive Sexual Health Care Recommendations for Men and Boys

Reading Time: 1 minutesSexual and reproductive health around the globe often is viewed as a domain for women and girls because they bear the responsibility of contraception, yet due to stricter gender stereotypes, are not equally in charge of decision-making. In order to ensure sexual and reproductive health for all,

The Johns Hopkins University and Deerfield Announce Collaboration to Catalyze Early Stage Therapeutic Research

Reading Time: 1 minutesThe Johns Hopkins University and Deerfield Management announced today the creation of Bluefield Innovations, a collaboration designed to catalyze the development of early stage therapeutics. Funded by Deerfield, an investment management firm committed to advancing health care, Bluefield Innovations will provide up to $65 million in

News Tips from the American Heart Association Scientific Sessions

Reading Time: 1 minutesAnaheim Convention Center Anaheim, California Nov. 11-15

Researchers Reverse Heart Failure in Marfan Mice

Reading Time: 1 minutesIn experiments with mice that have a rodent form of Marfan syndrome, Johns Hopkins researchers report that even modestly increasing stress on the animals’ hearts — at levels well-tolerated in normal mice — can initiate heart failure. The findings, described August 4 in the Journal of

Cancer Pioneer Donald Coffey, Ph.D., Dies at 85

Reading Time: 1 minutesDonald Coffey, a distinguished Johns Hopkins professor and prostate cancer expert, who was the former director of the Brady Urological Research Laboratory and deputy director of the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center, died on Nov. 9 at the age of 85.

News From and About Johns Hopkins Scientists at Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting

Reading Time: 1 minutesThe following Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine faculty are scheduled to speak at the 2017 annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience in Washington, D.C., on Nov. 11-15. To arrange interviews, or for other information, call or email the media contacts listed above.

Survey Finds That Pediatric Care Doctors Attempt to Address Parental Health Issues That Affect Children, but are Limited by Practice-Related Barriers and Physician Attitudes

Reading Time: 1 minutesA national survey of more than 200 pediatric primary care physicians found that while over three-quarters addressed at least one parental health issue, such as maternal depression or parental tobacco use, during child health visits and a majority recognized the impact of such issues on children’s