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Guidelines for Assessing Orthostatic Hypotension Should Be Changed, New Study Recommends

Reading Time: 1 minutesA new study led by Johns Hopkins researchers suggests that testing for the presence of orthostatic hypotension, a form of low blood pressure, be performed within one minute of standing after a person has been lying down. Current guidelines recommend taking the measurement three minutes after

Videos of the NHS England Board meeting – 21 July 2017

Reading Time: 1 minutesThe NHS England Board meeting was broadcast live on 21 July as part of our commitment to make information as accessible as possible. You can now view recordings of each agenda item below:

10 point plan sets out actions to deliver General Practice Nursing workforce for the future

Reading Time: 1 minutesEngland’s Chief Nursing Officer has today launched a ten point action plan to recognise and develop the roles that general practice nurses have which transform care and can help deliver the plan to make the NHS fit for the future. Developing confidence, capability and capacity –

Johns Hopkins Researchers Present Findings at AIDS Meeting in Paris

Reading Time: 1 minutesRichard Chaisson, M.D., primary investigator of these studies and director of the Center for Tuberculosis Research at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine will be available at IAS 2017 to comment on this research.

Johns Hopkins Experts Available to Discuss Protecting Endangered Species Using DNA Sequencing

Reading Time: 1 minutesAlan Scott, Ph.D., associate professor in the McKusick-Nathans Institute of Genetic Medicine and codirector of the Genetic Resources Core Facility at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine is available to comment on the recent DNA sequencing of the endangered Hawaiian monk seal, Neomonachus schauinslandi.

Research Shows One Aspect of the Affordable Care Act Has No Significant Impact on Emergency Department Patient Visits

Reading Time: 1 minutesAs the debate surrounding the Affordable Care Act (ACA) looms in the U.S. Congress, Johns Hopkins researchers are weighing in on one aspect of the law. In 2014, as part of the ACA, Maryland was one of the states that expanded eligibility for its Medicaid program.

NHS England launches action plan to drive out wasteful and ineffective drug prescriptions, saving NHS over £190 million a year

Reading Time: 1 minutesNHS England has today published detailed plans – drawn up with family doctors and pharmacists – to cut out prescriptions for ineffective, over-priced and low value treatments. Helping to trim hundreds of millions from the nation’s rapidly growing drugs bill will create headroom to reinvest all

National survey shows cancer patients feel increasingly positive about their NHS care

Reading Time: 1 minutesAn annual national survey published today shows key patient experiences of NHS cancer care improved over the past year. The National Cancer Patient Experience Survey 2016 asked people with cancer across England for their views on their care, with 72,788 responding. Asked to rate their care

Watch the live video stream of NHS England’s Board meeting

Reading Time: 1 minutesTaking place on Friday 21 July 2017, NHS England, Skipton House, London, at 10.45am. View a live stream of the Board meeting Take a look at the Board papers

Small Survey: Most Primary Care Physicians Can’t Identify All Risk Factors for Prediabetes

Reading Time: 1 minutesJohns Hopkins researchers who distributed a survey at a retreat and medical update for primary care physicians (PCPs) report that the vast majority of the 140 doctors who responded could not identify all 11 risk factors that experts say qualify patients for prediabetes screening. The survey,