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Next steps on the NHS Five Year Forward View: 17,500 forces veterans and service personnel to benefit from £9m investment in new and improved NHS mental health services

Reading Time: 1 minutesNHS England is set to launch (April 1) a brand new mental health service which has been specially tailored to support and treat ex-armed forces veterans and service personnel who are approaching discharge. The newly commissioned £9m service, known officially as the NHS transition, intervention and

Next steps on the Five Year Forward View: New parents in London to benefit from online Redbook

Reading Time: 3 minutesFrom April, parents of the 136,000 babies born across London each year will be able to record and manage information about their child’s health and development online. The NHS in England has today announced a digital version of the Redbook will be rolled out across London,

Next steps on the NHS Five Year Forward View: NHS sets out action to deliver NHS care fit for the future

Reading Time: 4 minutesAs the NHS approaches its 70th anniversary the health service has today published the plan setting out how it will deliver practical improvements in areas prized by patients and the public – cancer, mental health and GP access – while transforming the way that care is

Next steps on the NHS Five Year Forward View: NHS acts to cut inappropriate out of area placements for children and young people in mental health crisis

Reading Time: 9 minutesNHS England will today announce the next steps in the drive to ensure children and young people don’t have to travel far from home for mental health care, funding between 150-180 new beds. The increase will be focused on those who are most unwell, be dependent

Next steps on the NHS Five Year Forward View: England’s Chief Nurse announces ‘Nurse First’ to attract the best and brightest graduates to nursing

Reading Time: 5 minutesChief Nursing Officer for England, Professor Jane Cummings, has today announced a new fast track ‘Nurse First’ programme to attract high achieving graduates into a career in nursing. The NHS in 2020 will be treating increasing numbers of people and caring for an ageing population with

Next steps on the NHS Five Year Forward View: NHS action to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer means 5,000 more lives to be saved within two years

Reading Time: 2 minutesWithin two years, over 5,000 more people a year will survive cancer, meaning the NHS is on track to meet the ambitions of the cancer taskforce thanks to better prevention, earlier diagnosis and innovative new treatments for cancer. Cancer survival rates are at a record high,

Next steps on the NHS Five Year Forward View: NHS England takes next steps towards the future of primary care

Reading Time: 3 minutesNHS England is today reaffirming its commitment to transforming primary care and general practice by setting out practical measures that will ensure high quality GP services for patients and staff in the next two years. Today’s announcement (Friday) marks the next stage of the reforms set

Getting a Leg Up: Hand Task Training Transfers Motor Knowledge to Feet

Reading Time: 4 minutesTraining at tasks with your hands stimulates the areas of the motor cortex that controls your feet Credit: Pixabay Share Fast Facts The human brain’s cerebellum controls the body’s ability to tightly and accurately coordinate and time movements as fine as picking up a pin and

The ABCs of Kidney Disease

Reading Time: 2 minutesCredit: iStock Share Fast Facts Chronic kidney disease is more common than you think. Nearly one in three adults is at high risk for developing the disease. Some people even have kidney disease and don’t even know it. What do the kidneys do for the body?

Watch the live stream of NHS England’s Board meeting

Reading Time: 1 minutesTaking place on Thursday 30 March 2017, NHS England, Skipton House, London, at 10.45am. View a live stream of the Board meeting Take a look at the Board papers