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Protecting Yourself from Zika Virus When Traveling

Reading Time: 1 minutesPeople looking forward to a warm, sunny vacation may want to pack insect repellent for their trip. Zika virus has emerged as a major health concern in certain areas of the world. So how can people traveling to Zika-affected areas and other warmer climates protect themselves?

Johns Hopkins Creates a High-Quality Care Model for Outpatient Facilities

Reading Time: 4 minutesWhen implementing a unified, whole care delivery system, a strong organizational framework that includes the participation of all staff members — from the board room to the community practice — is critical, Johns Hopkins researchers report. An article, published online ahead of print, in Academic Medicine

Antidepressant May Improve Cognitive Symptoms in People with HIV

Reading Time: 5 minutesShare Fast Facts Paroxetine may improve cognitive symptoms in people with HIV. – Click to Tweet SSRI may reduce inflammation in patients with HIV. – Click to Tweet In a small, placebo-controlled clinical trial, Johns Hopkins physicians report that the antidepressant paroxetine modestly improves decision-making and

Proteins with Essential Amino Acids Discovered as Key to Child Malnutrition in Developing Countries

Reading Time: 5 minutesShare Fast Facts New discovery challenges how we currently handle child #malnutrition. – Click to Tweet Proteins w/ essential amino acids may be key to eliminating child #malnutrition. – Click to Tweet Contrary to popular belief among world relief workers, children in developing countries may not

2 Johns Hopkins Researchers Win Presidential Early Career Awards

Reading Time: 2 minutesNamandje Bumpus, left, and Jordan Green Keith Weller, Johns Hopkins Medicine Share Fast Facts Namandje Bumpus & Jordan Green win Presidential Early Career Awards. – Click to Tweet Namandje Bumpus, Ph.D., and Jordan Green, Ph.D., of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine are among 105

Clot-Busting Drug Reduces Death Risk in Hemorrhagic Stroke Patients

Reading Time: 5 minutesClinical trial shows half of patients living independently after treatment for a type of stroke following efforts to flush blood from the brain Share Fast Facts Brain bleed treatment decreases death rate by 10%. – Click to Tweet “Flushing” blood with clot buster drug improves stroke

A Penny for Our Thoughts? Copper Influx Key to Brain Cell Development

Reading Time: 3 minutesShare Fast Facts A penny for our thoughts? Copper crucial to neural development. – Click to Tweet How neurons fine-tune copper levels to spur development. – Click to Tweet Researchers at Johns Hopkins have used a precision sensor in a chicken embryo to find dramatic differences